5 Oct 2009

Stage 2

I now decided that it was time that i baked the main figure to prevent anymore minor damage from occurring e.g fingerprints or marks from fingernails and from simply handling the sculpt. I measured the depth of the thickest part and then applied the baking rules of 15 mins at 135 degrees centigrade for every 1/4 inch thickness of clay, but i didn't want to bake it for too long as sometimes the thinner parts can get burned and the longer you leave it the oven the harder it becomes.
You'll see from the photos from now on that after it has been baked its still basically the same colour as it is when soft, if you want it to be quite hard you can alter the baking time an temperature (i'll add a link to a couple of very good sculpture site that go into this technique in more detail later on) but a pinky rose colour is enough and you should check the sculpt from time to time when you baking anyway, if its too hard its more effort to sand an shave.
After i had baked it i decided the very lightly spray it grey, this makes it easier for you to see anywhere that needs to be smoothed with sandpaper or shaved with a scalpel (more detail of these at the end in 'tools and materials).

Picture st2.1 shows Kanu after being baked, sprayed and sanded.

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