2 Oct 2009

In picture (pic st1.11) you can begin to see the real form, and some detail in the face and feet, this detail may not be kept but it helps with the minds eye.
At this point I'm still only using my fingers. (see also st1.12 for the back). I'm happy with the overall shape and now need to start work on the hands to complete the body, but as I've not got a close up drawing of them I just do a simple sketch based on the size of the maquette and using pin nosed pliers bend the thinner of the two wires i'm using (20g) so that they are 'inside' the line of the sketch. see (pic st1.13). In (pic st1.14 & st1.15) you see respectively testing if the hands are the right size and them with the first clay added.

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