20 Oct 2009

Preliminary animation trial. Complex movement arcs.


A lowly villager.

Desert warriors of the rival king.

Contemporary fashion.

Dinner is served...

Septum's northern barbarian - bezerker

Royal guard.

Leaping hill beast youth.

The Dragon-guard. Made froom dragonspawn by the Kings experiments

Rafel in action.

King enraged.

Bloated devourer himself. Lord of decadence and sadism.

The rival king. A true nihilist.

Assasins of the night. Aspect of dragon. Aspect of lion. Aspect of wolf.

The ninjas. Aspect of dragon. Aspect of boar.

Rafel -he's dead 'ard.

The monster family. It's roots lie in Japanese folklore.

Some of early charater workings. animation and angles of Kanu's head.

6 Oct 2009

After removing the arms i was more easily able to start work on the cuffs and how the hands would be fixed, as the hands an arms where hard its just a case of making a rough cuff shape and pushing the two together then re-shaping until i was fairly happy, even though clothing is difficult i find it easier to make folds sharp edges and grooves after the clay has been baked by using sandpaper, files and a scalpel to 'carve' the clay. (st2.24).



The same was done with the arms (st2.22 & st2.23), it was proving difficult to clean up any unwanted marks etc under the arms and the same with the folds and creases in the sleeves (clothing is i think one of the hardest things to sculpt - there is a product called 'Paverpol' which when applied to cloth with say creases in it make the cloth set hard, this could be an easier and more realistic way of portraying clothes but then you got make the clothes so i'm not sure…and i cant sew).


I machined away between the toes (st2.19) so that there was enough room to at milliput and reshape them (st2.20) and re-shaped the base of the foot and the ankle bones (st2.21), i should really have shaped them properly or as much as possible before baking, using milliput is ok but it takes time to dry before you can start work again.