5 Oct 2009

In picture st1.27 you can see another view of the previous picture with the ponytail attached but you can also see where i have added the white clay called 'Milliput' to try and blend in the extruded strands of the knots to the rest of the ponytail, you can see it again in (st1.28).
What i probably should have done was to include the knots when was first applying the strands to the wire but this makes it even more of a fiddle than it already was, having to re-make parts is something you have to get used to. At the time i took this photo i just assumed i would shape the 'Milliput' with my 'Power Performance' tool but when later on i actually tried it just wasn't possible.

[Milliput is a two part clay that you mix together and that will then dry in a couple of hours, its good for repairs etc after you've baked the Super Sculpey].

[The 'Power Performance' tool, who i think is made by a Chinese company and therefore cheaper than the more famous 'Dremel' brand, is a hobby tool thats like a cross between a pen and a drill - see pictures of the tools and materials ive been using at the end of the 'How Kanu was made' section].

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