20 Oct 2009


A lowly villager.

Desert warriors of the rival king.

Contemporary fashion.

Dinner is served...

Septum's northern barbarian - bezerker

Royal guard.

Leaping hill beast youth.

The Dragon-guard. Made froom dragonspawn by the Kings experiments

Rafel in action.

King enraged.

Bloated devourer himself. Lord of decadence and sadism.

The rival king. A true nihilist.

Assasins of the night. Aspect of dragon. Aspect of lion. Aspect of wolf.

The ninjas. Aspect of dragon. Aspect of boar.

Rafel -he's dead 'ard.

The monster family. It's roots lie in Japanese folklore.

Some of early charater workings. animation and angles of Kanu's head.

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