21 Feb 2009

on closer inspection, his skin was trailed with scars...

His features looked to be carved from a chalk cliff, with sunken cheeks, a long hawk-like nose and a sharp jaw. There was an unmistakably Eastern set about the man’s face, mixed with something more ruddy and rugged, gypsy-like. His body had withered somewhat, from years of inactivity and a prisoner’s diet, but his warrior’s genetics were still to the fore. The tall man was a mass of sinew, giving off a sense of latent, hungry danger.

20 Feb 2009



Listen....just listen.

the trial continues...

the trial begins...

bRAVE dAVE began his trial.

a slaves story...

The bird was late that day.

The slave wearily stretched his long frame and turned his head toward the light. Manacled hands rubbed slitted eyes, and Kanu yawned, watching the early dawn seep through the bars of his cell. Taking in the city with his jaded eyes, as his understimulated brain struggled to wake up. Body soon to regain the stillness of sleep, only now with open eyes. The slave settled into a cross-legged postion, faced the small barred window, exhaled and slumped his shoulders, his aquiline features completely impassive. To all appearances, Kanu - the Bearded Warrior, the youngest ever Head of the King’s Guards – was a broken man. [NYB]

19 Feb 2009

what ?

what is it ?.....a collection of creative people that are producing a multi-genre piece of work that includes painting and illustration, animation, spoken word, written word, audio, sculpture, gaming, graphic design, live performance....it will be available on :- internet, exhibition, collectible sculpture,, DVD, performance and even education.

who ?


Forced to start this blog by himself BRAVE DAVE (David Lumley) made himself, against his own will, pick up the clay & mould it into THE BEARDED SLAVE...the man himself, without whom...none of this slavery would be possible.

Forced into sound from an early age, by themselves, are GAVRON (Gavin Avron) and MACCERS (Andy McNally)they tied themselves to the music makers to make music...and low music for slaves was made...whether they wanted it or not.

Forced by his own enormous imagination Will Barras's
(DUBBLEYEW BEEEEE'S) hands were made to give form to 'KANU' the slave. Made to create the slaves appearence, made to imagine the man and his world.

Forcing himself to pick up pen & paper NYB (Noah Brown) literally forced the story from his brain, down his arm and on to the parchment...only then to force himself to force all the other slaves to read it.

Eyes and mind forced open and aware by himself is OGI
(Ognjen Damjanovic) he has forced himself to see that which must be seen so he is able to force others to see the same.

Forced to follow letter and word and give voice to that which lay before him Everal Walsh (DARKLORD) was forced by himself to tell the tale that must be heard....whether you choose to hear it or not he will tell it.

How will other slaves be forced to know that which we take for granted? MARTERS (Martin Tulloch) forced himself to think...I will force myself to force myself to provide them with a neat and tidy package in which they will be forced to look and to listen and to play with until their day is done.

HAVRON (hayley Avron) has been forced to....erm....do nothing yet BUT when she is she'll force herself against her will (an bein a lady thats some will) to strain her brain an edit stuff whether it needs editing or not.