6 Oct 2009

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The Bearded Slave Soundtrack:

The Bearded Slave started as a two page concept of one mans mission to save his girlfriend from 2 evil rulers of the kingdom he would travel.

With the music industry in the state it’s in now we had to find a means of delivery for new art, music and sculpting. With vinyl records in mind, the good old days of buying a record having something physical to own, something that little bit special. Records like the Susperia sound track a pop up art gatefold for example.

The bearded Slave was born a Vinyl toy you buy that comes with a book, soundtrack, ltd prints and animation. Just like the old days something to keep, admire and collect.

The soundtrack is very reminiscing of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. A voice over telling the story and a musical accompaniment. We listened a many Japanese sound tracks to get a feel of where we should take the sound and watched many martial arts and animated movies to gain a feel for the sounds we need to produce for this. I wanted a modern day slant on the soundtrack though so Dub step was the genre of music I felt we should use as a back bone for the drums and bass. We soon got to work in the studio and ask actor and friend Everal Walsh to join us as the voice of the Bearded Slave. It seemed so right to get Everal on board his deep and comforting voice would be perfect to read extract of the book over our sound. Almost hypnotic and powerful delivery would make this seem all the more realistic.

I sampled many tradition instruments including the Koto and sounds of hammers and chains as sound effects to make this soundtrack so much richer and real. While reading the story now developed into a book by Noah, writing became so much easier and more enjoyable due to picturing the action, sadness and love in the story. I could visualise what was happening and write it on the keyboard.

When Andy joined us he brought a more musical slant to the sound with chord progressions and pads giving the bearded slave soundtrack a more orchestral feel and thus much more like war of the worlds and this is exactly what was missing from the sound. We have nearly completed the soundtrack and are just about to record the vocals.

Watch this space…..

Gavin Lawson

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