4 Oct 2009

Kanu... how i made him... cont.

Back to the figure now and adding detail. Now that it has been smoothed you see in pic st1.24 where i've added lapels, by using a finer extrusion and rolling out flat pieces, and the beginnings of a belt (this was made by rolling out clay and then simply cutting strips to be carefully pressed onto a doubled up piece of 20g wire) and some creases or sausages of clay blended in to the surface.
Same on the back (st1.25) by rolling out more sausages of clay and then rolling the ends to a point and blending in with modelling tools, i did however take photos of myself in my dressing gown (which i won't be showing you thankfully) and by looking for images on the net, clothing isn't an easy thing to sculpt and as much reference as possible is far better than just trying to make it up as you go along.

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